Welcome to Climate Unbound with Libba & Gifford Pinchot

Climate Unbound is a podcast created to inspire and guide those at the forefront of climate innovation and environmental justice.

Hosted by long-time change agents Gifford & Elizabeth Pinchot, founders of the world’s first graduate school of sustainable business and authors of significant works on intrapreneurship and organizational intelligence, this podcast aims to be a beacon for entrepreneurs, activists, environmental justice advocates, and frustrated government employees who wish to move beneficial climate innovation faster or to block projects that are bad for their communities.

Through engaging dialogues and collaborative solutions, listeners will uncover the stories of those finding ways around implementation barriers, like permitting challenges, resource shortages, and grid stability.

With a special focus on waste-to-energy technologies, clean hydrogen, and the complex challenges of environmental justice, “Climate Unbound” reveals solutions that enable faster implementation without compromising on essential environmental boundaries. Whether you’re involved in climate technology advocacy or are simply interested in making good decisions about climate solutions, this podcast will help you make environmentally just climate innovation a reality.

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